Dr. Mark L. Frigo and his team can design and deliver executive education and management development programs focused on strategic competencies needed for today's business leaders.  

Recent executive education programs have included: 
-A Power Briefing on Return Driven Strategy
-Focused Growth and Innovation Strategies: Achieving More with Less Resources
-Seven Steps for Executing Focused Growth Strategies
-How to Innovate without Going Broke (CFO Summit Miami 2011)
-Developing Strategic Risk Management as a Core Competency
-Strategic Risk Assessment for Management Teams
-Managing Strategic Risks and Uncertainties in a Volatile Economy (Singapore 2011)
-Driven Leadership and Coaching Skills
-Strategic Leadership Skills
-Strategic Leadership for CFOs (New Zealand CFO Summit 2011)
-Strategic Leadership for High Performance Teams

Dr. Frigo and his team work collaboratively with management teams to co-create valuable executive education offerings that will meet the specific needs of your team.  Our executive education focuses on applying the content of the programs to opportunities and challenges facing a company or business unit.

Dr. Frigo is a member of the Duke Corporate Education network (Duke CE ranked #1 in the world in Custom Executive Education by Financial Times, 2003 – 2011). Dr. Frigo is lead instructor and advisor for the Center for Financial Leadership (CCFL) a consortium serving over 30,000 CFOs and CPAs in North America.    
Return Driven Strategy® services include conducting business conferences and providing advisory services focusing on business planning and strategy.

Dr. Mark Frigo has successfully developed and presented execution education courses in strategy and leadership programs for universities, corporate universities and for professional organizations throughout North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.     

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"Strategy and leadership competencies"

“The principles and concepts in Return Driven Strategy capture what we as educators and thought leaders should embed in our curricula and teachings in business schools throughout our undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs. Business schools must focus on the importance of a firm commitment to ethically create shareholder value.”  -- Arthur Kraft, Ph.D. Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), Dean at George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University
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Dr. Mark L. Frigo presents a keynote on “Strategic Leadership Skills for CFO Teams”