Dr.  Mark L. Frigo is often called upon to be a keynote speaker at corporate events and conferences, CEO and CFO forums, and leadership development programs.  He has presented keynote presentations and executive workshops at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, CEO Summits, CFO Summits, Fortune 100 corporate meetings, trade associations and professional organizations throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.   He is a recognized thought leader and leading advisor in the strategy design, innovation strategy and strategic risk management.    A dynamic speaker, Dr. Frigo is the recipient of the Economos Award for outstanding teaching in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business MBA program (which has been ranked in the Top 10 of part-time MBA Programs by US News & World Report), and numerous awards by professional organizations for his executive education programs and he has been profiled in Crain's Chicago Business and other publications as one of the top Business School Professors in America.  He speaks, teaches and consults globally, advising organizations in their quest to become high performance companies.

Dr. Frigo has presented the following executive workshops and keynote presentations to corporations and professional organizations in North America and Europe.  Here are a list of recent presentations.
--Developing a Shared Value Creation Strategy (for more information Click here)
--A Return Driven Strategy for Variabilization
--How to Develop Focused Growth Strategies: Achieving More with Less
--Strategic Risk Management: The New Core Competency
--Building the Resilient Organization: Managing Risks and Uncertainties in a Volatile Environment
--How to Make the Most of Your Growth Opportunities
--Driving Profitable Growth and Managing Risk in an Uncertain Economy
--Strategy, Value Creation and the CFO
--Strategic Risk Management: A Primer for Management Teams
--The Role of the CFO in Strategic Risk Management
--Driven Strategy for the High Performance People
-- Strategy, Value Creation and the CFO

Looking for a keynote speaker or workshop presenter for your corporate meeting or professional conference?    You can contact Dr. Frigo's office at mfrigo@depaul.edu or 312-362-8784.

DRIVEN Keynote Presentation Series    

Today, we are challenged to make the most of our current opportunities and find new ways to manage businesses in a troubled and uncertain economy.   Most companies have adapted to the recessionary environment and are now faced with the challenge to develop new plans and strategies to achieve profitable growth.   These strategies will need to include flexibility and the capabilities to take advantage of the rebound as it occurs.   The keynotes can be presented personally by Dr. Mark L. Frigo and we can adapt our keynotes to meet the specific needs of an organization.

Comments from CEO's and Business Leaders

“Return Driven Strategy provides a clear and concise way of looking at the key issues that drive profitable businesses. Its primary focus is on the customer, and markets, and it ties the various business components back to these key issues." 
-- Samuel C. Scott III, Chairman and CEO (retired), Corn Products International, and Board Member of Abbott and Motorola

"Return Driven Strategy helped us to create a REAL Strategic Plan and gave us the tools to examine every facet of our business. The result: sales: UP; profits: UP; and we are a better company in just about every area of our business. I just can’t say enough about the positive effect RDS has had with us. It’s provided everyone with an understandable framework to comprehend our business."
-- E. Terry Groff, President, READING BAKERY SYSTEMS

“The Return Driven Strategy framework has enabled the senior leadership of our company to establish, implement, and periodically realign, a first class, effective business strategy that produces real results. Our principles, business priorities and resources, are effectively aligned. From conceptual level to day to day execution, this thing really works.” 
-- John J. Mulherin, Chief Executive Officer (retired), The Ziegler Companies, Inc.

"I would reference the question, 'Are we doing the right things for the right reasons?' The value of Mission Driven Strategy has consistently rung true for me as it has helped us do exactly that; focus on the right initiatives and objectives for the right reasons to best serve the organization." 
--Kathy Apple, RN, MS, CAE, Chief Executive Officer and 2006 RWJ Executive Nurse Fellow, National Council of State Boards of Nursing (Referring to Mission Driven Strategy, the application of the Return Driven Strategy model in not-for-profit organizations.)

Keynote Presentations               Click here to view a PDF of organizations/clients

"Powerful ideas that work"

“Return Driven Strategy provides an elegant framework for business strategy considerations. By that, I mean it is marked by ingenuity, simplicity and completeness. It was an effective tool for our firm as we embarked on our strategic assessment of our core business which resulted in dramatic improvements in our business. I strongly endorse it for others following a similar path.”   -- Jim Folkes Former Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Laidlaw Education Services
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Dr. Mark L. Frigo presents a keynote on “The Role of CFOs in Strategic Risk Management”