Developing Focused Growth Strategy
Many organizations have extensive strategic analysis, market research conducted by consulting firms or by in-house research teams.   The challenge is to leverage this information to develop executable and focused strategies.   The Return Driven Strategy framework is used by management teams to develop focused growth strategies.

The Strategy Audit® - Click here for a pdf description
We are currently working with management teams to conduct Strategy Audits which provide an efficient way to review and refine the strategies of an organization or a specific strategic initative.  In today’s environment, most business strategies have become obsolete and need to be re-aligned to drive growth and innovation while managing risk.  The Strategy Audit provides the first step to do this.  It provides the tools for both strategy development and strategic risk assessment, providing a natural process for integrating risk assessment into strategic planning process and strategy execution.    It can be led by a CFO with our support through working sessions on-site or via WebEx using our proprietary tools, diagnostics and frameworks.
The deliverables from a Strategy Audit include:
•        A Strategy Audit Assessment of existing strategies using the RETURN DRIVEN STRATEGY® Framework
•        A Strategic Risk Assessment using the Strategic Risk Management framework which has been used on boards and management teams to assess and management the risk in a business strategy which includes a Strategic Risk Profile and Countermeasures.
•        Recommendations and Action Plans for profitable Focused Growth Strategies.
Click here for a PDF description of the Strategy Audit

Strategic Planning Facilitation
We can design and facilitate your strategic planning sessions using the Return Driven Strategy framework for (1) Strategy Development, (2) Strategy Execution and (3) Strategic Risk Assessment.  

1. Strategy Development: The Return Driven Strategy framework is an effective approach for strategy development that has been successfully used by management teams to complement and energize other strategy frameworks including:  Blue Ocean Strategy, Value Co-Creation, and Competitive strategy approaches of Michael Porter (5 Forces Driving Competition; Value Chain)

2. Strategy Execution: The Return Driven Strategy framework also has been used in developing and refining Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards.  

3. Strategic Risk Assessment: The Return Driven Strategy framework provides a direct link to include Strategic Risk Management into strategic planning and strategy execution processes.  It provides a way to develop risk assessments that are linked with the business strategy.

Your strategic planning sessions can be customized and designed by Dr. Frigo and his team and facilitated personally by Dr. Mark L. Frigo, or by experienced facilitators who work closely Dr. Frigo in strategic planning sessions.  We can conduct these sessions on-site or via WebEx.

Strategic Planning Materials & Support for Management Facilitated Sessions

We can also help management teams to facilitate their own Strategic Planning sessions using our presentation materials and strategic planning activities.   We can customize the materials for your organization and work with your facilitators to help them prepare for the Strategic Planning sessions.  We can also make arrangements for Dr. Frigo to participate in the session via webcast or conference call and for review of Strategic Planning documents developed during the process.

Strategic Planning

"Strategy focused... driven execution"

The Return Driven Strategy framework has enabled the senior leadership of our company to establish, implement, and periodically realign, a first class, effective business strategy that produces real results. We know that we are working on the right things, for the right reasons. We also know that our periodic discussions are on point, and a good use of our valuable time. Our principles, business priorities and resources, are effectively aligned. From conceptual level to day to day execution, this thing really works.”   -- John J. Mulherin Chief Executive Officer, The Ziegler Companies, Inc.
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The video above is Terry Groff, Chairman of Reading Bakery Systems, discussing how he used the Return Driven Strategy framework to drive profitable growth in his company.
The video above is Terry Groff, Chairman of Reading Bakery Systems, discussing how profitable and successful his company became once implementing Return Driven Strategy.